ask around

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w>ask around

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Another good option is to ask around at your area farmers market.--Mother
It might be interesting to ask around the family to see if any other male children had undescended testis because sometimes it runs in the family.
He said these priests ask around for contributions from the rich who apparently think they could get a free pass to heaven.
The President went on to say that he was not challenging Trillanes to a gun duel, but the senator could ask around how many persons he had beaten to the draw.
Make sure to ask around about one that is open for hosting.
Yamada said, 'If we try to pursue business innovation within the bank, we have to ask around for permission from people in risk management, compliance and others.
If everybody has to "ask around" to deliver a package or attend a wedding, the harder work of knowing and being known is already partly complete.
Illegal trespassers may do "recces" of sites in advance of the event, or people may approach landowners and ask around for land, in the guise of hiring for acceptable activities such as gymkhanas, or scouts/guides gatherings.
If you have friends who brew kombucha, ask around for kefir grains, have a jar of kimchi bubbling away on the counter, or wax poetic about salty dill pickles fermented in brine, you can probably thank Sandor Katz.
If you ask around, you may be able to find a copy of Ken Scharabok's How to Earn Extra Money in the Country.
He asked one of his colleagues, who was delivering parts to Wolverhampton, to ask around for a ticket.
Many local funeral directors come highly recommended and it's always a good idea to ask around, if possible, to see which funeral business your family has used before.