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Verb1.ask round - invite someone to one's houseask round - invite someone to one's house; "Can I invite you for dinner on Sunday night?"
call for, request, bespeak, quest - express the need or desire for; ask for; "She requested an extra bed in her room"; "She called for room service"
ask in, invite - ask to enter; "We invited the neighbors in for a cup of coffee"
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Go back 15 years or so and I have to say that I thought he was a grand man to ask round if you needed the carpets beating but, having ridden so many winners myself, loftily dismissed him as a one-club golfer who should seek some counselling about his problems with getting beat.
"I'm sure that when they ask round at the end of the summer if there are any particular requirements the big boys say "if you want us to co-operate on certain other things, then do us a little favour in return".
Father-of-twoPaul Fell, 32, said: ``You can ask round here about regeneration and you'll get the same answer.