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 (ə-skē′sĭs) or as·ce·sis (-sē′-)
The exercise of rigorous self-discipline, especially mental self-discipline practiced as a means to spiritual growth.

[Greek askēsis, exercise, asceticism, and Late Latin ascēsis, asceticism (Late Latin, from Greek), from Greek askein, to exercise, practice.]
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the procedure of demonstrating self-control and determination of action and purpose
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The Orthodox theological accent on Askesis is of great pertinence here.
A man looks at and evaluates from outside physical endeavour and askesis. God looks at the man from within and evaluates his mind, his heart, his mood, his readiness and willingness to sacrifice, abnegation and He rewards accordingly.
The proceedings contains 30 papers on such aspects as the exegesis of the Song of Songs: a new type of metaphysics, the metaphor of the mirror in Platonic tradition and Gregory's Homilies on the Song of Songs, Gregory on the spiritual ascent and Trinitarian orthodoxy: a reconsideration of the relation between doctrine and askesis, the divine names and his use of them in In Canticum Canticorum, and pursuing God: the role of virtue in Gregory of Nyssa's Homilies on the Song of Songs.
Se para criar a si e necessario converter prescricoes em um principio de acao, se e necessaria uma askesis, ela entao nao poderia ser regida pelo logos racional, mas pela forma de inteligencia conjuntural, prudencial e astuciosa, que desde o seculo IV a.
tres dimensiones fundamentales de la existencia humana: excelencia (arete), competicion (agon) y practica (askesis).
[...] A Socratic education as perfection of the soul requires that one is vehemently dedicated and even violently committed to this task, and, as such conceived, Socratic paideusis can in no way be equated with traditional forms of education that do not demand extreme sacrifice on the part of the learner, e.g., the sacrifice of one's most deeply held beliefs and opinions, and this is an irreducible component of the rigorous practice ('askesis') associated with Socratic education (paideusis).
All in all, these works allow our study of Avicenna to move away from generalizations divorced from textual evidence and ideological polemics about the "real" Avicenna, the very meaning of what we consider to be philosophy in Avicenna between the focus on "mysticism" and an askesis of life and a more hardheaded empirico-rationalism.
The literature provides few accounts of askesis (severe self-discipline) in African societies, at least in ways that are immediately familiar.
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