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 (ə-skē′sĭs) or as·ce·sis (-sē′-)
The exercise of rigorous self-discipline, especially mental self-discipline practiced as a means to spiritual growth.

[Greek askēsis, exercise, asceticism, and Late Latin ascēsis, asceticism (Late Latin, from Greek), from Greek askein, to exercise, practice.]


the procedure of demonstrating self-control and determination of action and purpose
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The data is pretty dreadful on clinician buy-in in this market, and it is up to us to make the software as useful, helpful, and intuitive as purchasing an airline ticket," says Sharon Hicks, president and CEO of Askesis Development Group, developers of the PsychConsult suite of products.
com Included Computing Services Askesis scotton@askesis.
Pervasive continues to accelerate its support of and expertise in the healthcare industry by providing up-to-date standards-compliant data integration to a broad variety of healthcare payers and providers, hospitals, clearinghouses, and third-party software and service providers, including companies like Askesis Development Group, Inc.
Recent examples of Pittsburgh-based biotechnology and life-sciences start- up companies that have received significant financial and strategic support from UPMC include Aethon, Askesis Development Group, BodyMedia, D3 Advanced Radiation Planning, and Renal Solutions.
Askesis's move to Pittsburgh is part of a restructuring aimed at transforming it from a software developer to a customer service and solutions company for behavioral health providers and managed care, and to place its base of operations closer to UPMC Health System's Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC), a major partner in the development of Askesis products.
We chose PsychConsult(TM) as Askesis offered the most comprehensive behavioral health software and the PsychConsult(TM) implementation and support were given high marks by Missouri mental health centers currently using the product" said Dedee Green, Fiscal Director of Bootheel Counseling Center.
The UPMC Insurance Services Division -- which includes UPMC Health Plan, UPMC WorkPartners, LifeSolutions, UPMC for Life, UPMC for You, UPMC for Kids, Askesis, and Community Care Behavioral Health - offers a full range of group health insurance, Medicare, Special Needs, CHIP, Medical Assistance, behavioral health, employee assistance, and workers' compensation products and services to over 2.
This skepticism expresses itself in the practice of essaying, an askesis that involves harnessing reason's supple and erratic nature to multiply possibilities rather than determine causes: "There are authors whose end is to tell what has happened.
Askesis, the Greek word for "exercise," came to encompass those disciplines that liberated one from disordered passions and inculcated the virtues for a deeper union with God.
In this context, the askesis of monochrome can be (though it need not; there are no guarantees) a form of tact.
Put differently, mission as askesis, expressed in authentic Christian life styles is what accords mission of the Spirit credibility.