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In the Roman Catholic Church and some other churches, the ceremony of sprinkling the altar, clergy, and congregation with holy water.

[From Latin aspergēs (mē), you will sprinkle (me), the first words of the rite, second person sing. future tense of aspergere, to sprinkle; see asperse.]
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1. (Roman Catholic Church) a short rite preceding Mass, in which the celebrant sprinkles those present with holy water to the accompaniment of the chant Asperges me, Domine
2. (Roman Catholic Church) the chant opening with these words
[C16: from Latin Asperges (me hyssopo) Thou shalt purge (me with hyssop)]
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(əˈspɜr dʒiz)

the rite of sprinkling holy water before high mass.
[< Latin: you will sprinkle (2nd pers. singular future of aspergere)]
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Psalms for Sundays, Athanasian Creed, other psalms, the hymn Memento rerum conditor (incomplete), the antiphon Asperges me Domine.
Pope Francis asperges holy water as he celebrates a Pentecost mass in St.
El afrancesamiento alimentario de las elites de la ciudad de Cordoba se transformo, segun el ya citado Mariano Coll (hijo), en una "moda culinaria", de la que formaban parte ciertos restaurantes y algunos platillos, especialmente "la mayonnaise" y "les asperges" (50).
"French Regional Dinner: Loire Valley" will feature Rillettes de Tours (spiced pork spread on toasts, with French breakfast radishes and cornichons), Salade aux Asperges Mimosa (asparagus vinaigrette with egg), Truite au Beurre Blanc, Lgumes Printanires (trout with wine and butter sauce with spring vegetables) or Blanquette de Lapin la Tourangelle (braised rabbit with wine and spring vegetables) and Tarte aux Fraises (strawberry tart).
Caption: At the opening Eucharist of the 41st General Synod, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, sprinkles members with holy water in a rite of blessing known as asperges, while the Rev.
Tu as mis le mot de trop quand ton immonde traduisait ton besoin de fletrissure dont tu asperges tes amants pour mieux les avilir.