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or A.S.C.,

American Society of Cinematographers.


var. of asco- before a vowel or h: aschelminth.
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155 000 m 2 surface layer of concrete, - produce about 155 000 m 2 sami, - produce about 155 000 m 2 asphalt binder course, - produce about 155 000 m 2 of asphalt surface course, - bridge construction work, - marking work
Densoband is a polymer modified bitumen strip which is approved for use in asphalt surface course joints for asphalt, and asphalt to concrete interface as an alternative to the previously commonly used bitumen.
In West Virginia, the DOT is using recycled blast furnace slag as the aggregate of choice in the western part of the state for the majority of asphalt surface course pavements.
Spreading an asphaltic tack coat over an under lay before placing an asphalt surface course is the technique commonly used for ensuring the bond between layers.
Porous asphalt surface course is distinguished by the fact that there is hardly any aquaplaning, the formation of spraying water and the danger of glaring is essentially reduced, and driving on porous asphalt is sensed as comfortable.