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1. See bitumen.
2. A mixture of bitumen with crushed stone gravel or sand, used for paving or roofing.
tr.v. as·phalt·ed, as·phalt·ing, as·phalts
To pave or coat with asphalt.

[Middle English aspalt, from Medieval Latin asphaltus, from Greek asphaltos.]

as·phal′tic adj.
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Adj.1.asphaltic - containing asphalt; "asphaltic residues"
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Further on, from the bright red windows of the Sword-Fish Inn, there came such fervent rays, that it seemed to have melted the packed snow and ice from before the house, for everywhere else the congealed frost lay ten inches thick in a hard, asphaltic pavement, --rather weary for me, when I struck my foot against the flinty projections, because from hard, remorseless service the soles of my boots were in a most miserable plight.
The aggregated Soyle Death with his Mace petrific, cold and dry, As with a Trident smote, and fix't as firm As DELOS floating once; the rest his look Bound with GORGONIAN rigor not to move, And with ASPHALTIC slime; broad as the Gate, Deep to the Roots of Hell the gather'd beach They fasten'd, and the Mole immense wraught on Over the foaming deep high Archt, a Bridge Of length prodigious joyning to the Wall Immoveable of this now fenceless world Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, Smooth, easie, inoffensive down to Hell.
Bimbo Kolade made this known at the weekend while inspecting the construction of asphaltic roads project in Ibadan West Local Council Development Area and Ibadan South West Local Government areas of the state, adding that the roads are being constructed in the 33 Local Government Areas and 35 Local Council Development Areas across the state.
To a question, he said that the Makran Coastal Highway (N-10) has passed its design life, since only 5 cm Asphaltic Wearing Course was laid, which was insufficient for road structure.
To a question, he said that the Makran Coastal Highway (N-10) has passed its design life,since only 5 cm Asphaltic Wearing Course was laid, which was insufficient for road structure.
Summary: The DoT project aims to develop procedures, operational policies and technical specifications for managing milled asphaltic materials.
The DoT project aims to develop procedures and operational policies as well as technical specifications for management of pulverised asphaltic materials produced from roads and pavement maintenance works.
UAE's Department of Transport (DoT) announced that it is studying an initiative to release a technical guideline for the management of the milled asphaltic materials generated from road maintenance and rehabilitation projects in Abu Dhabi.
Papers are grouped in sections on modeling the four-point beam test, applications to mechanistic design, asphaltic materials evaluation, comparisons with other tests, and non-asphaltic materials evaluation.
- EPDM rubber, TPO, and an asphaltic multiply built-up roof coated with white elastomeric acrylic paint.
The increased asphalt content is needed to achieve a void content of 3-5% in asphaltic concrete, in order to prevent premature ravelling of the pavement[refs.