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v. as·phyx·i·at·ed, as·phyx·i·at·ing, as·phyx·i·ates
To cause asphyxia in; smother.
To undergo asphyxia; suffocate.

as·phyx′i·a′tion n.
as·phyx′i·a′tor n.
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Adj.1.asphyxiated - in a state of asphyxiaasphyxiated - in a state of asphyxia    
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stupefied, petrified, and as though asphyxiated in the presence of the incommensurable tirades which welled up every instant from all parts of his bridal song.
Tragic Joanne Lee, who is believed to have been asphyxiated, was discovered by gardai at a flats complex in Ranelagh, South Dublin.
A policeman had also been wounded and a woman had been asphyxiated by tear gas during demonstrations in downtown Kasserine.
The present study was designed to demonstrate the prevalence of heart complications amongst asphyxiated newborns.
Summary: An innocent game of hide-and-seek turned into a tragedy that reverberated across the country Wednesday when four children died in the West Bekaa after being locked in a car trunk and asphyxiated.
26 (Petra) -- A Palestinian man early Monday was been shot and wounded, while others were asphyxiated when Israeli occupation troops rampaged through Jenin city and opened fire with live ammunition and tear gas canisters at the local citizens, sparking violent clashes with locals.
It is understood that Mrs Hall was asphyxiated by smoke.
So we consider it important to identify antepartum, intrapartum and postnatal risk factors for neonatal mortality due to birth asphyxia and also to assess clinical and patho-biochemical status and outcome in the early neonatal period of babies who were asphyxiated at birth.
Bijie, in impoverished Guizhou province, was the scene of a similar tragedy almost three years ago when five runaway boys asphyxiated after lighting a fire in a rubbish bin as they sheltered from the cold.
Some were already asphyxiated and they shot the others dead, before setting fire to all the bodies.
NATO supply line will be asphyxiated on three prominent spots including a probable location of Pakistan-Afghanistan connecting border by holding sit-ins on November 23.
Several colleagues rushed to help him but also asphyxiated in the air of the tank, where the fermentation of the fish oil had removed most of the oxygen.