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adv. Music
Very. Used in tempo directions: allegro assai.

[Italian, from Vulgar Latin *ad satis, to sufficiency; see asset.]


(Music, other) music (usually preceded by a musical direction) very: allegro assai.
[Italian: enough]


1. (Plants) any of several Brazilian palm trees of the genus Euterpe, esp E. edulis, that have small dark purple fleshy edible fruit
2. (Cookery) a beverage made from the fruit of this tree
[via Brazilian Portuguese from Tupi]



adv. Music.
very: allegro assai (very quick).
[1715–25; < Italian: literally, enough « Latin ad (up) to + satis enough. See asset]
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In a press statement after the meeting, the Wali (governor) said that he also briefed the Cabinet Affairs Minister with the outcome of his recent visit to Eritrea and his talks with President, Assais Afwerki which included means of consolidating the relations between Sudan and Eritrea in the trade and economic fields.
Al-Bashir said he reviewed with the Eritrean President, Assais Afwerki, the impacts of events in Egypt, where protests forced long-serving President Hosni Mubarak resign.
24 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has received a written message from the Eritrean President, Assais Afwerki, dealing with progress of the bilateral relations and promotion of the mechanisms of cooperation between the two countries.