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Inclined to or suggestive of violent attack: "The reduction of cinema to assaultive images ... has produced a disincarnated, lightweight cinema that doesn't demand anyone's full attention" (Susan Sontag).

as·saul′tive·ly adv.
as·saul′tive·ness n.
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Adj.1.assaultive - disposed to attackassaultive - disposed to attack      
offensive - for the purpose of attack rather than defense; "offensive weapons"
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As the other passengers were deplaning, Krueger became assaultive towards the (Customs and Border Protection) officers by kicking and spitting at them," he added.
The only difference between the bills Brochins states a court may not find that evidence of sexually assaultive behavior is unfairly prejudicial based solely on the fact that it involves a prior sexual offense.
Crisis Prevention Institute specialises in safe management of disruptive and assaultive behavior.
But if it makes for a breathlessly assaultive, vastly entertaining couple of hours, it can be discomfiting whenever there's a pause in the pelting gunfire and we glimpse the contours of the flesh-and-blood tragedy.
The suit contends the rifle's value for sporting and self-defence was"negligible in comparison to the risk that the weapon would be used in its assaultive capacity.
23) In many states, the merger doctrine applies to "assaultive" felonies and prevents application of the felony murder rule to killings that occur in the course of an assaultive felony.
Ball has a history of assaultive conduct and "without hesitation, aggressively used a knife'' to stab Ms.
Finally, Eliza Bent's Global Spodight essay (page 58) draws thoughtful parallels between two international productions, one of which nailed me and the rest of a 2013 Malta Festival audience in Poznan, Poland, to our seats--Romeo Castellucci's The Four Seasons Restaurant, a thrillingly assaultive piece that Bent evokes with a mix of querulousness and admiration.
Because cash is critical to the pursuit of many illicit actions, a decline in cash balances can serve as a brake on the cycle that drives street crime and can affect not just predatory offenses like burglary and larceny, but assaultive disputes that are often linked to the heavy drug and alcohol use associated with participation in street life.
I think instinctively I knew that the patient was likely a person with a treatment-resistant illness, a long-term institutional patient, who was repetitively assaultive despite all clinical interventions; I knew that a state's attorney would likely be unwilling or uninterested in prosecuting someone like that; and finally I knew a prosecution would take many weeks and take up more time than I was willing to invest.