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 (ăs′ā′, ă-sā′)
a. Qualitative or quantitative analysis of a metal or ore to determine its components.
b. A substance to be so analyzed.
c. The result of such an analysis.
2. A bioassay.
3. An analysis or examination.
4. Archaic An attempt; an essay.
v. (ă-sā′, ăs′ā′) as·sayed, as·say·ing, as·says
a. To subject (a metal, for example) to chemical analysis so as to determine the strength or quality of its components.
b. To bioassay.
2. To examine by trial or experiment; put to a test: assay one's ability to speak Chinese.
3. To evaluate; assess: assayed the situation before taking action.
4. To attempt; try: "Singers of every race and nationality have by now assayed the role" (Barry Singer).
To be shown by analysis to contain a certain proportion of usually precious metal.

[Middle English, from Old French essai, assai; see essay.]

as·say′a·ble adj.
as·say′er n.
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All PS/HOSO experimental blends did not contain assayable levels of TFA.
As a result, it is now possible to generate stable cell lines expressing difficult-to-express secreted proteins or membrane proteins such as GPCRs, ion channels, and cell receptor kinases at levels that are assayable.
Only one of the endoglucanase-positive clones was identified and confirmed as having assayable endoglucanase activities.
In either case, a particular form of the relevant SNP serves as an easily assayable marker for the associated genotype.
In response to the need for independently prognostic molecular markers for ESCC that are readily assayable on routinely acquired clinical specimens, we conducted this analysis of the published esophageal cancer literature to identify a group of miRNAs for which the data support validation as prognostic biomarkers of esophageal cancer outcomes.
To the best of our knowledge, our study of 322 assayable melanomas represents the largest series to date for which the joint distribution of HMB-45 and Melan-A is considered and the only study to consider the relationship between joint HMB-45/Melan-A expression and commonly reported clinicopathologic criteria among eligible primary lesions.