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Noun1.assembly hall - a hall where many people can congregateassembly hall - a hall where many people can congregate
auditorium - the area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits
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I looked, and afar off I saw an immense Polygonal structure, in which I recognized the General Assembly Hall of the States of Flatland, surrounded by dense lines of Pentagonal buildings at right angles to each other, which I knew to be streets; and I perceived that I was approaching the great Metropolis.
The exercises were held in the big assembly hall of the Academy.
It has been maintained in a fair state of preservation, and the curious visitor may to-day tread its labyrinths to the assembly hall, where, without doubt, occurred the scene described by Avis Everhard.
Think of that little one with the curls--I don't believe he is over seventeen, for all his baby moustache--says he's going to build an assembly hall for us to give a dance in next month; and apologizes the next breath to tell us that there isn't any milk to be had nearer than La Grange, and we must do without it, and use syrup in our tea to-morrow."
It serves the whole community and has to offer a very wide range of functions: an assembly hall, a place for conferences, exhibitions and small performances, as well as providing spaces for a library and continuing education.
Education bosses decided last year to replace the old classrooms and called in architects to draw up plans for an eight-classroom block and assembly hall.
The day will begin when the Crown of Scotland is driven from Edinburgh Castle to the Parliament's temporary home in the Church of Scotland Assembly Hall. Massive screens erected in Princes Street Gardens will relay the proceedings:
QUETTA -- The Balochistan Assembly on Friday unanimously agreed to use the assembly hall as a polling station for presidential election on Sept 4.
MIRPUR -- Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan Tuesday summoned the joint session of the state Legislative Assembly and the AJK Council at the Assembly Hall in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday (April 4) to condemn the recent massacre of innocent Kashmiri youths by the Indian occupation forces in fake encounters in Shopian and Annantnag district of Indian-held Kashmir.
Opposition members also locked the assembly hall and raised slogans while standing outside the building before the session initiated.

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