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In the end, then, Nye presents us with a well-knit, comprehensive overview of the evolution of assembly-line production over a hundred years.
Discouraged by what they say is the assembly-line nature of their job, dentists are leaving the National Health Service (NHS) and going into private practice.
As we reported in July 2004, a similar assembly-line process is used by Engel Austria GmbH at Schwertberg, Austria.
However, Rockport says it can trim labor costs down to 16% thanks to its assembly-line approach.
We cut all the pieces in an assembly-line fashion and finished the second bookcase quickly.
For her, early efforts at moving assembly-line production in meatpacking and canning represent the only bona fide advances toward the rational factory in the first stages of American industrialization (in this respect, the author also ignores certain assembly-line aspects of gun manufacture in her discussion of the development of interchangeable parts production techniques).
Ten years ago, Wachtershauser conceived of an assembly-line process at the ocean floor that transforms basic inorganic chemicals into organic chains, the biological molecules that are the building blocks of life.
After reviewing our existing-needs studies, the team members interviewed more than 50 direct and indirect customers of AIMS, from the CDC general manage to the assembly-line technicians, about their expectations of an assembly-management system.
As one assembly-line worker laid off in 1992 says in an affidavit, "all operations performed on the assembly line in the U.S.
1914 Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, increases the daily pay for assembly-line workers to $5 from $2.34.