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more than one donkey or dolt
Not to be confused with:
assess – to appraise or evaluate; estimate value for tax purposes
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as·ses 1

 (ăs′ēz′, ăs′ĭz)
Plural of as2.

ass·es 2

Plural of ass1.

ass·es 3

n. Vulgar Slang
Plural of ass2.
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1. Also called donkey. a long-eared, slow, surefooted domesticated mammal, Equus asinus, related to the horse, used chiefly as a beast of burden.
2. any wild species of the genus Equus, as the onager.
3. a stupid, foolish, or stubborn person.
[before 1000; Middle English asse, Old English assa, probably fr. Old Irish asan < Latin asinus]
ass′like`, adj.



n. Vulgar Slang.
1. the buttocks.
2. the rectum.
3. sexual intercourse.
[before 1000; var of arse, with loss of r before s, as in passel, cuss, etc.; Middle English ars, er(e)s, Old English ærs, ears, c. Old Frisian ers, Old Saxon, Old High German, Old Norse ars, Greek órrhos; akin to Greek oura, Old Irish err tail]


1. assistant.
2. association.
3. assorted.
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