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 (ăs′ĭg-năt′, ăs′ēn-yä′)
Any of the notes issued as paper currency in France (1789-1796) by the revolutionary government and secured by confiscated lands.

[French, from Latin assignātus, past participle of assignāre, to assign; see assign.]
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(ˈæsɪɡˌnæt; ˌæsɪˈnjɑː; French asiɲa)
1. (Historical Terms) French history the paper money issued by the Constituent Assembly in 1789, backed by the confiscated land of the Church and the émigrés
2. (Banking & Finance) French history the paper money issued by the Constituent Assembly in 1789, backed by the confiscated land of the Church and the émigrés
[C18: from French, from Latin assignātum something appointed; see assign]
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(ˈæs ɪgˌnæt; Fr. a siˈnya)

n., pl. as•sig•nats (ˈæs ɪgˌnæts; Fr. a siˈnya)
a note issued as currency from 1789 to 1796 by the French revolutionary government on the security of confiscated lands.
[1780–90; < French < Latin assignātus assigned]
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While still a few steps from the officer she unfolded the kerchief and took out of it a white twenty-five-ruble assignat and hastily handed it to him.
"How odd to find that even this industry has its financial panics, and at times sees its assignats and greenbacks languish to zero, and everything come to a standstill.
It was legal, for example, to purchase an exemption for two thousand (assignat) rubles, and Baki peasants who could afford it were always ready to purchase an exemption as a last resort.
Premise 1: "Marat gave his last penny to the poor" (supported by the aim on the box beside Marat's bath and the adjacent note, portrayed as written with Marat's dying hand, which reads: "You will give this assignat to this mother of five children whose husband died in defense of the fatherland" plus the widely held belief that this was Marat's total wealth when he died).
verbi causa velut oculo visum, ita menti, quae est interior oculus, Prophetiae assignat officium" (PL 111.1547d).
The conundrum was explained by a note attached to the animal's tail on which was written: 'Ravage can be bribed with a 100 sous assignat and a handful of sheep's trotters'.
On the bedside box, there is a promissory note with a handwritten letter: "You will give this assignat to this mother of 5 children whose husband died in the defence of the Fatherland." In his left hand, he clasps a note from his assassin with the telling phrase: "It suffices that I am unfortunate to have the right to your kindness." The painting is personally dedicated "TO MARAT," signed "DAVID," and dated "YEAR TWO," the second year after the declaration of the French Republic.
These good intentions of Jps could backfire, since the devaluation of the assignat sent creditors back to the courts to demand payments in hard currency or in kind.
For those just beginning their university careers, the editors have thought to include classic graphs showing the depreciation of the assignat (p.
Judith Miller looks at litigation in the aftermath of the assignat. The social information provided by law suits is shown to offer much for an understanding of family dynamics.