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Capable of being assimilated: assimilable nutrients; assimilable information.

as·sim′i·la·bil′i·ty n.


(əˈsɪm ə lə bəl)

capable of being assimilated.
[1640–50; < Medieval Latin]
as•sim`i•la•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.assimilable - able to be absorbed and incorporated into body tissuesassimilable - able to be absorbed and incorporated into body tissues
digestible - capable of being converted into assimilable condition in the alimentary canal


(Biol, Ling) → assimilierbar
(= integrable)angleichbar
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Planned, scheduled, preventive, corrective, technical-legal and, where appropriate, urgent cleaning, in the various buildings, premises, facilities, equipment and spaces of the different health centers dependent on area v; as well as the gardening and the integral management of the urban solid waste and assimilable (groups i and ii) produced in the normal activity of said centers.
5] assimilable, this being largely dependent on the composition and characteristics of its fundamental raw material, which is phosphoric rock.
De plus, l'offre est assimilable, selon l'etude, a un [beaucoup moins que] marche de legumes.
19 billion dinars) consists mainly of assimilable treasury bills (64%) and deposits in the TGT (28%).
Masser targets a starting level of yeast assimilable nitrogen in the 180250 mg/L range, plus trace nutrients.
Secondly, they reveal that normative judgment is a state that can be quite deeply nontransparent to its bearer, in a way that is not, for example, assimilable to the phenomenon of self-deception.
L'avocat Andrew Ritchie, representant les familles des victimes, a declare que celles-ci croyaient que la [beaucoup moins que]complaisance absolue[beaucoup plus grand que] de TUI est assimilable a un acte de negligence.
3]of soil (3/4) suffered from the physical soil analyzes: the size, the dosage of limestone (total), soil moisture and chemical analysis: determination of assimilable phosphorus, assimilable potassium, water pH, electrical conductivity and finally the dosage of organic matter.
By contrast, Beckwourth attempts to portray Indian experience as inevitably savage and assimilable.
Presented as a Christ-like figure--murdered by his own people and whose last words are devoted to God--and always surrounded by white people, Gandhi makes an attractive figure easily assimilable to Western ideology and thus a walking justification of the supremacy of the West.
As Whitlock demonstrates with the case of survivor Notrose Nobomvu Konile, who refused "to forgive and adopt the reconciliatory politics of the TRC" (90), the TRC quite literally erased testimony that was not easily assimilable into narratives of cultural healing.
Il a precise que l'objectif de ce salon est d'emmener les differents intervenants dans la chaine de vente de detail a s'inscrire dans une nouvelle optique, consistant a sortir progressivement du schema traditionnel, [beaucoup moins que] assimilable davantage au troc et au negoce qu'au commerce moderne [beaucoup plus grand que], ajoutant que la presence de nombreux equipementiers etrangers a cette deuxieme edition de Tidjara Equip Expo sera mise a profit pour accompagner les operateurs de ce segment d'activite a operer leur propre mue.