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A policy of furthering cultural or racial assimilation.

as·sim′i·la′tion·ist adj. & n.
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(Sociology) the theory of promoting the incorporation and mixing of different groups in society
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(əˌsɪm əˈleɪ ʃəˌnɪz əm)

a policy of assimilating people from all cultures.
as•sim`i•la′tion•ist, n., adj.
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In conclusion, one hopes that assessing Bonnin's life and legacy more broadly and inclusively is still in its infancy and that differing evaluations of her work will continue to appear, each adding insight into issues of liminality, assimilationism, biculturalism, pluralism, survivance and the Red Power movement.
In a review of one of Senghor's works, Barbara Celarent notes that "a combination of French assimilationism, astounding talent, and amazing luck took Senghor through various schools to the top of the French educational system" (Celerant, 2013).
Since then, literary critics and historians have generated a diverse response to The Promised Land, (2) albeit mostly focused on Antin's assimilationism. (3)
As a mode of resistance, he opts for a third choice other than the two widely employed strategies of assimilationism and Pan-Africanist nationalism, and hence goes for what Homi Bhabha, the Indian postcolonial thinker, calls "mimicry" or "sly civility." Reed, a postmodern author, knows that the total repudiation of black heritage and the absolute rejection of the white culture are both detrimental to African Americans' quest for freedom, and will only strengthen the dominant racist structure's grip on power.
Joseph described culturally-congruent pedagogies as a way of combating assimilationism in schools.
After the First Zionist Congress in 1897, political Zionism was only one of four principal concepts that included socialist Bundism, diaspora Autonomism (the idea that diaspora Jewry must maintain self-rule in community organizations), and assimilationism.
(If there's anything certain in our precarious world, it's the Post's hoary sensationalism.) A facsimile of its front page appears as one of the endpapers in CLUB 57: FILM, PERFORMANCE, AND ART IN THE EAST VILLAGE, 1978-1983 (MoMA, $40), a catalogue that documents the sordid and celebratory goings-on of a time and place in Manhattan that seems fresher, queerer, and more illicit than the swipe-right chickenshit assimilationism of New York City today.
Are legal rights leading to the assimilationism of LGBT people regarding conservative family models?
In the first, Hamilton compares The Unforgiven (1960) with Soldier Blue (1970) and highlights how the pseudo-progressive assimilationism of the former makes way to angry separatism in the latter, while both associate racism with destructive male supremacism.
"Louis Wirth and American Ethnic Studies: The Worldview of Enlightened Assimilationism, 1925-1950." In The Jews of North America, edited by Moses Rischin, 123-43.
The IAM proposes that, by virtue of their vitality advantage in the country of settlement, dominant host majority members may endorse six acculturation orientations toward minorities, three of which are welcoming and include individualism, integrationism, integrationism-transformation, while three others are unwelcoming: assimilationism, segregationism and exclusionism.
One mission of those organizations was to eliminate the "pathologies" of native black culture, to "adjust or assimilate" blacks to the dominant culture, and to make them into "orderly citizens." This was a brutal and puritanical assimilationism, but it ran directly counter to the belief of the scientific racists that blacks were biologically incapable of becoming civilized.