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Weber also has been a building administrator for seven years, two as an assistant principal at Wolf's Crossing in Oswego and the past five at Jefferson.
Although she has served as assistant principal at the middle school since 2010, Ms.
Cindy Sainz, assistant principal at Churchill High School, will be the new principal at Adams Elementary, replacing Pamela Irvine, who is retiring.
Now, Rouleau will have a hand in hiring a new assistant principal at Clinton Elementary School, replacing the retiring Kenny Contreras.
"Her experience as a middle school assistant principal is an asset as we continue to focus on supporting our students and ensuring a strong academic environment here at Algonquin Middle School," Algonquin Middle School Principal Julie Fogarty said in a news release.
Before that, he served as an assistant principal and district mentor leader in Berkley, Mass., and a math teacher, new teacher mentor leader, basketball coach and student council adviser in Natick.
Camp Creek and Mohawk elementary schools and Walterville School will share a principal: Dennis Gray, currently assistant principal at Briggs Middle School.
Gary Miller, Assistant Principal at Oak Park High School, was one of the administrators who was using both a cellphone and a Palm handheld before the advent of the Treo smartphone.
Wall has been assistant principal since the beginning of this school year, and previously was an instructional coach at Admiral Byrd, Clearmont and Devonshire elementary schools.
In October, Assistant Principal Sharon Goulet resigned and wrote an exit letter questioning Ms.
Among them are Heineman Middle School's two assistant principals, Courtney Fulton and Alicia Parker, Martin Elementary School's Principal Michele Happold and Leggee Elementary School's Assistant Principal Roshaunda Henson.
The Principal of Eastside Elementary will be Mandy Taylor, who previously worked as assistant principal at Eastside before going to the Rankin County School District in 2016.

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