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An academic position that carries a stipend and usually involves part-time teaching or research, given to a qualified graduate student.


a graduate post which requires the student to carry out some teaching duties in return for financial assistance


(əˈsɪs təntˌʃɪp)

a form of financial aid at graduate school in which a student assists a professor.


[əˈsɪstəntʃɪp] N
1. (Brit) (at school) → lectorado m
2. (US) (at college) → agregaduría f, puesto m de profesor agregado


n (Brit: at school) → Stelle fals Fremdsprachenassistent(in); (US: at college) → Assistentenstelle f
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That'll keep us till I'm qualified and have got through with my hospital appointments, and then I can get an assistantship."
The program provides a graduate assistantship to minority students for graduate study at Miami University.
Tenders are invited for Providing work assistantship in library services and hall maintenance for sird and documentation support for phrmd during 2019-21
Tenders are invited for the object of the contract is the adaptation and reform of the facilities called the main assistantship office located in the carrack.
I view the collaborative or accompanying assistantship as an all-win situation for the whole school.
The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) anticipates a horn graduate teaching assistantship opening for the 2011-2012 academic year.
Additionally, getting accepted into a good graduate music program and the ability to secure a graduate assistantship has become highly competitive, as colleges increasingly seek applicants who not only demonstrate excellent musical skills but also show other professional skills that will help them succeed in the already saturated music field.
Applicants are invited to apply for the 2019-20 Tiara Special Grant which is a one-time Grant for students who already have an offer of a place in a University overseas for Post Graduate Studies, with a scholarship/fee waiver and teaching assistantship to finance their study.
A list of graduate scholarship, fellowship, and assistantship openings has been added under "Assistantships." Each fall we plan to email members who have identified themselves as university or conservatory teachers, asking for this information.
Metcalf began graduate school at Indiana University in 1957, where she received a Graduate Assistantship and graduated with Highest Distinction.
this device is set up by ifsttar in the following areas: - public financial and accounting management, - assistantship / secretariat, - management of public human resources or continuing training in the public sector, - payroll management in the public sector, - technicians of general means, - laboratory technicians in the fields of chemistry, building infrastructures or public works, instrumentation of vehicles or use of scientific equipment.
These scholarships are in addition to the MM assistantship and the Doctoral Fellowship.

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