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v. as·sist·ed, as·sist·ing, as·sists
To give help or support to, especially as a subordinate or supplement; aid: The clerk assisted the judge by looking up related precedents. Her breathing was assisted by a respirator.
1. To give aid or support: Who assisted during the operation?
2. To be present, as at a conference: "Mr. Dick had regularly assisted at our councils, with a meditative and sage demeanor. He never made a suggestion but once" (Charles Dickens).
1. The act of giving aid; help: cleaned the garage with the assist of a friend.
2. Sports
a. A fielding and throwing of a baseball in such a way that enables a teammate to put out a runner.
b. A pass, as in basketball or ice hockey, that enables the receiver to score.
3. A mechanical device providing aid.

[Middle English assisten, from Old French assister, from Latin assistere : ad-, ad- + sistere, to stand; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

as·sist′er n.
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Adj.1.assisted - having helpassisted - having help; often used as a combining form
unassisted - lacking help
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[əˈsɪstɪd] ADJ assisted passagepasaje m subvencionado
assisted place (Brit) (Scol) plaza de un colegio privado, subvencionada por el gobierno y destinada a alumnos seleccionados que no pueden sufragar las cuotas del mismo
assisted suicidesuicidio m asistido
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assisted living
n (US) → betreutes Wohnen
assisted place
n (Brit Sch) staatlich finanzierter Platz in einer Privatschule, der für einen Schüler aus bescheidenen Verhältnissen reserviert ist
assisted suicide
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The causes of the difficulties in seizing the kingdom of the Turk are that the usurper cannot be called in by the princes of the kingdom, nor can he hope to be assisted in his designs by the revolt of those whom the lord has around him.
Such men, for the reasons given, can open the way into the state and render the victory easy; but if you wish to hold it afterwards, you meet with infinite difficulties, both from those who have assisted you and from those you have crushed.
Ruffner, to whom I have already referred, always made me welcome at her home, and assisted me in many ways during this trying period.
During the time that I was a student at Hampton my older brother, John, not only assisted me all that he could, but worked all of the time in the coal-mines in order to support the family.
He led the Saw-Horse to a grassy mound upon which grew several bushy trees, and carefully assisted the Pumpkinhead to alight.
The gentleman who came to me proposed no such matter; he only said, taking me for Mr Fitzpatrick's wife, that, if Mr Jones had murdered my husband, I should be assisted with any money I wanted to carry on the prosecution, by a very worthy gentleman, who, he said, was well apprized what a villain I had to deal with.
He said I should be assisted, but he mentioned no name.
Norris assisted to form her nieces' minds; and it is not very wonderful that, with all their promising talents and early information, they should be entirely deficient in the less common acquirements of self-knowledge, generosity and humility.
Price: he assisted her liberally in the education and disposal of her sons as they became old enough for a determinate pursuit; and Fanny, though almost totally separated from her family, was sensible of the truest satisfaction in hearing of any kindness towards them, or of anything at all promising in their situation or conduct.
Emma felt that her own note had deserved something better; but it was impossible to quarrel with words, whose tremulous inequality shewed indisposition so plainly, and she thought only of how she might best counteract this unwillingness to be seen or assisted. In spite of the answer, therefore, she ordered the carriage, and drove to Mrs.
Godfrey unconsciously assisted me in concealing what I was about from Rachel, by speaking composing words to her at the other end of the room.
As they are both remarkable-looking people, the strangers who may have assisted them on their travels have probably not forgotten them yet.