associate's degree

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as·so·ci·ate's degree

(ə-sō′sē-ĭts′, -āts′, -shē-)
An academic degree conferred by a two-year college after the prescribed course of study has been successfully completed.

asso′ciate's degree`

a degree granted by a junior college for the completion of two years of study.
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and conferred at least one associate's degree or sub-two-year certificate.
Not to detract from the hard work and possible career promotions of associate's degree holders, but I believe it is unrealistic that this education group could average $92,829 (more than any other group).
Workers with an associate's degree earned an adjusted $50,000 per year, and those with only a high school diploma earned $41,000.
The agreement enables students to receive an associate's degree at BridgeValley and then switch to West Virginia State University to conclude their bachelor's degree for certain programs.
What is striking is that in four of the five states in our study, the average first-year earnings of associate's degree graduates are higher than the earnings of bachelor's degree recipients.
For both certificate and associate's degree students, results are shown for completers and noncompleters.
Blinn's associate's degree in nursing program is undergoing a curriculum revision to clarify mutually accepted courses, which will allow a smoother transition to the TAMHSC baccalaureate program.
Born to Italian immigrants, he said his associate's degree was a stepping stone and he, too, graduated from Mount Wachusett at a time when the country was in recession.
The college has developed a construction management certificate of achievement and associate's degree program, as well as a land surveying certificate of achievement and associate's degree.
To be eligible for the program, individuals must be certified RHITs (or RHIT-eligible and taking the registry exam within six months) and have an associate's degree in HIM.
The second option is to become a dietetic technician, registered (DTR), and requires an associate's degree, 450 supervised hours of practice experience, and a passing score on the exam administered by the CDR.
Sailors in the Aviation Machinist's Mate and Aviation Structural Mechanic ratings can now apply the skills learned in Navy 'A' School to an Associate's degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT).

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