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 (ə-swā′sĭv, -zĭv)
Soothing; calming.

[ad- + suasive (sense influenced by assuage).]


(əˈsweɪ sɪv)

soothing; alleviative.


any medicinal substance or preparation that soothes or alleviates. — assuasive, adj.
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Adj.1.assuasive - freeing from fear and anxietyassuasive - freeing from fear and anxiety  
reassuring - restoring confidence and relieving anxiety; "a very reassuring remark"
References in classic literature ?
Perhaps,' said Bounderby, staring with all his might at his so quiet and assuasive father-in-law, 'you know where your daughter is at the present time!'
However, the difference is that the intensification of boiling in Case 3.2 is more assuasive than in Case 3.3 because most of the sensible heat in corium is removed by stable convection before the late termination.
Interestingly, as a part of their religious belief, the majority people are strongly associated with their natural environmental resources and use of morels (Hamayun, 2006).Mostly they believed that gathering all or assuasive amount of morel would bring misfortune to the family and to their assets.