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v. as·sumed, as·sum·ing, as·sumes
1. To take for granted; suppose: The study assumes that prices will rise.
a. To take upon oneself (a duty or obligation): assume responsibility; assume another's debts.
b. To undertake the duties of (an office): assumed the presidency.
a. To take on (an appearance, role, or form, for example); adopt: "The god assumes a human form" (John Ruskin).
b. To pretend to have; feign: assume an air of authority.
4. To take over without justification; seize: assume control.
5. To clothe oneself in; don: The queen assumed a velvet robe.
6. To take up or receive into heaven.
To make a supposition; suppose or believe: "Is Kay's husband coming to dinner too?" "I assume so."

[Middle English assumen, from Latin assūmere : ad-, ad- + sūmere, to take; see em- in Indo-European roots.]

as·sum′a·bil′i·ty n.
as·sum′a·ble adj.
as·sum′a·bly adv.
as·sum′er n.
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in a presumable manner
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I don't think you have read ten pages of Spencer, but there have been critics, assumably more intelligent than you, who have read no more than you of Spencer, who publicly challenged his followers to adduce one single idea from all his writings - from Herbert Spencer's writings, the man who has impressed the stamp of his genius over the whole field of scientific research and modern thought; the father of psychology; the man who revolutionized pedagogy, so that to-day the child of the French peasant is taught the three R's according to principles laid down by him.
Assumably the stone was used during the manufacturing process for the gears--and accidentally left inside of the gearbox when the engine was assembled.
The psychological response in the social situation is one indication for treatment.6 Assumably, the psycho-social stress caused by improper tooth arrangement varies between different cultures, and perhaps even between genders within the same culture.
While Vmware is not part of the deal and will remain a publicly listed company, RSA is very much part of it and assumably so is Pivotal.
Given their popularity in the assumably law-abiding public, this Court is willing to proceed under the premise that these magazines are commonly owned for lawful purposes.