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1. Taken up or used so as to deceive; pretended: an assumed name.
2. Taken for granted; supposed: an assumed increase in population.

as·sum′ed·ly (ə-so͞o′mĭd-lē) adv.
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in a presumed manner
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It was speculated that these announcements would prompt at least some shippers to bring in cargoes early to beat tariffs, which would assumedly increase rates.
Assumedly, the greatest crew of rights-violation aiders and abettors at the White House will never bother to comply with the International Human Rights Law, or make political sacrifices to promote and protect human rights on domestic, regional and international levels.
Moreover, because BGE has already completed the pipeline project and assumedly paid the amount of compensation bargained for in the Omnibus Agreement, the Board of Estimates and the public at large has lost all bargaining power with BGE to obtain the compensation that the Park and the public deserve."
With its interests assumedly secure in Afghanistan under the Taliban, it will likely devote its attention (and resources) to securing -- or undermining China's efforts at securing -- the region as a whole.
The Steelers didn't blink, either, and Bell will assumedly restart his career with another team in 2019.
Her decision to create a male, Baba Segi who assumedly arrogates power to himself by marrying many wives despite impotency demonstrates how female writers in Nigerian literature bandy the male characters to relocate the discourse of power in their writings.
The collection became its own material history and the basis for still other possible continuities, some assumedly far from fashion or art, even as they burrow within them.--Suzanne Hudson
While, if proven, the charges would be serious and reason for him not to hold office, the trend recently to impose vocational "capital punishment" when only charges have been made seems un-American to me, in a country that assumedly values "innocent before proven guilty."
By breaking down larger systems into smaller segments, analyzing and comparing individual, assumedly independent parts in isolation, our understanding, modeling and prediction of both social and natural systems have undoubtedly benefited greatly.
One key example is her explanation of the different meanings of deterrence in the Chinese language (assumedly Mandarin).
Mothers, he went on to say, wield the most influence over their children's lives, thus implying that feminism's focus on giving women power outside the home has shifted attention away from the truly important stuff ie taking care of their (assumedly) large broods of children.
The county did not take prior experience or any other factor into account when setting Rizo's salary.<br />A few years later, Rizo learned that male colleagues subsequently hired in similar roles had been placed into higher salary steps assumedly because their salaries at previous employers had been higher than her previous salary.