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1. Taken up or used so as to deceive; pretended: an assumed name.
2. Taken for granted; supposed: an assumed increase in population.

as·sum′ed·ly (ə-so͞o′mĭd-lē) adv.


in a presumed manner
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A majority of aesthetic dance skills that require center of mass displacement and motor unit recruitment assumedly work simultaneously with maximum tendon excursion.
Assumedly, the out-come was affected by the low frequency of sampling, although investigation of other pelagic-related habitats, such as sediments (Lokko et al.
However, when sociologists have worked to resolve ambiguity and the messiness of the world by providing assumedly simple and clear accounts, they only have tended to make more of a mess of it.
Since phase conjugation has been observed in nanoparticles (Hsieh 2010), fluorocarbons (Yoshida 1997) and sodium atoms (Hemmer, 1995), these molecules assumedly contain a phase conjugation mirror.
Someone who drinks would assumedly be open to marijuana.
Lou D'Allesandro for the umpteenth time, calling for two casinos in New Hampshire, one assumedly no longer at the Rockingham Park site in Salem.
A casual meal like a potluck that involves a number of assumedly diverse dishes would need versatile and easily accessible wines,' he explains.
When such an individual assumedly leaves these walls behind and invades another country--Gondor or the Shire--these walls inevitably come along.
That data doesn't catch the extent of wildlife trafficking because traders skirting international conventions assumedly also bypass Lebanese Customs.
The YJMR is included within the free journals offered by the ExLibris and the ProQuest-Serials Solutions Summon global SFX knowledge bases (and assumedly the EBSCO A-to-Z service as well) that readily enable catalog access and citation linkage.
Much as this agreement with Iran is historic, there remains another serious issue that divides Washington and Tehran, namely Iran's attempt to develop "ballistic" missiles that are capable of delivering nuclear warheads, assumedly towards Middle East targets.
Albrecht then spent the next 40 years until his retirement in 2002 making the world's simplest retail concept run more efficiently, effectively and assumedly profitably as he became one of the 50 richest men in the world.