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Presumptuous; arrogant.
On the assumption that; supposing: Assuming the house is for sale, would you buy it?

as·sum′ing·ly adv.
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in a presuming manner
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This, assumingly, is in reference to WWL-4 in New Orleans , the CBS affiliate owned by TEGNA .
Assumingly, the previous government may have rejected the PPP's request on partisan basis but the matter remains unresolved.
Assumingly, CHO supplementation has some ergogenic benefits such as minimizing the glycogen depletion during strength and resistance exercises in response to elevated glucose levels when resistance training protocols are adopted.
While a general speculation circulates against doctors being either negligent or uninformative, many have come to the consensus of labeling them "butchers" for an assumingly business oriented approach in treatment strategies.
Assumingly, they largely were influenced by the Crown Attorney's closing address to them.
Assumingly, the lack of morphological means in English has prevented the present-day lingua-cultural behavior from detailed stratification of relationships.
Together, these six programs constituted a sample of assumingly strong programs with certain similarities but with enough variety and contextual differences to make cross-case analysis interesting.
We set the following working hypothesis: considering that phytoplankton is assumingly more essential in lakes than in rivers, the relative importance of phytoplankton-based food chains versus detritus-based food chains is greater in the outflow compared with the inflows.
This assumingly is related to the high prevalence of dysexecutive function independent of dementia [42], apathy [43], fatigue [44], and depression [45] in PD patients.
Beside seeking medical treatment, the under pressure women usually try to find out other traditional, assumingly more effective, ways of treatment and use faith healing to handle infertility crisis.
Assumingly this could be due to the subjects were not aware about presence of their own halitosis.