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1. Unsteady; unstable.
2. Physics Having no particular directional characteristics.

a·stat′i·cal·ly adv.
a·stat′i·cism n.
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(æˈstætɪk; eɪ-)
1. not static; unstable
2. (General Physics) physics
a. having no tendency to assume any particular position or orientation
b. (of a galvanometer) having two mutually compensating magnets arranged so that the instrument is independent of the earth's magnetic field
[C19: from Greek astatos unsteady; see a-1, static]
aˈstatically adv
aˈstatiˌcism n
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Adj.1.astatic - not static or stable
changeful, changeable - such that alteration is possible; having a marked tendency to change; "changeable behavior"; "changeable moods"; "changeable prices"
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Myoclonic astatic epilepsy, or Doose syndrome, affects only around 1,500 children in the UK.
Moreover, we show that liquidity assumptions are not needed to the same extent as in classical option pricing theory because continuous trading is not necessary to replicate ILWs when using cat bonds; that is, astatic hedging approach is sufficient, which also reduces transaction costs and possible tracking errors.
Table 1 Type of Idiopathic Epilepsy Cases Percentage Idiopathic generalised tonic- 8 26.67% clonic seizures Idiopathic focal seizures 2 6.67% Absence epilepsy 3 10% Myoclonic astatic epilepsy 1 3.33% GEFS+ 1 3.33% JME 10 33.33% Idiopathic febrile seizures 5 16.67% n = 30 100% Table 2 Genotypes Cases Controls Total (%) [chi- P square] value C/C 18 24 42 (58.3%) 0.12 0.94 C/T 11 16 27 (37.5%) T/T 1 2 3 (4.2%) Total (%) 30 (41.7%) 42 (58.3%) 72 (100%) Table 3 Genotypes Cases Controls Total [chi- P value (%) square] GC/GC 9 15 24 (33.3%) GC/AT 15 21 36 (50.00%) 0.514 0.77 AT/AT 6 6 12 (16.67%) Total (%) 30 42 72 (41.6%) (58.3%) (100%)
Murray Gray, from Edinburgh, suffers from myoclonic astatic epilepsy, which causes up to 12 seizures a day.
The youngster, from Bradford, West Yorks, has myoclonic astatic epilepsy, a form of childhood epilepsy.
In published scientific research, the results of the analysis are presented and methods for synthesizing two-mass electromechanical systems (EMS) based on various optimization criteria are proposed, as a rule, without consideration of the interaction effects of subsystems [7-9], therefore it is of interest to investigate electric drives with an astatic system of automatic regulation and minimization of vibrational components of processes under the action of variable friction forces and optimal (limiting) electromechanical interaction.
The wavelength of the resonances can be tuned in astatic way, by properly engineering the nanostructure composition, shape and size, or a dynamic way through changes in the surrounding medium (its temperature, refractive index, illumination, and so on) [1-7].
Sellers, "The ketogenic diet for the treatment of myoclonic astatic epilepsy in a child with type 1 diabetes mellitus," Canadian Journal of Diabetes, vol.
The proposed approach includes 4 stages: distribution fitting, generation of scenarios, definition of astatic and deterministic CVRP, and optimization.
Lascelles et al., "New SMARCA2 mutation in a patient with Nicolaides-Baraitser syndrome and myoclonic astatic epilepsy," American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A, vol.
Subsystem of ICE torque control attaches astatic property to improve the accuracy of control [M.sub.TED].
Recording and playback equipment: Substrate-borne vibrations and video were recorded with a phonograph cartridge (Model 91T, Astatic, Solon, OH) and a custom-made amplifier, connected to a digital video camera (Model PV - DV400D, Panasonic, Secaucus, NJ).