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1. Unsteady; unstable.
2. Physics Having no particular directional characteristics.

a·stat′i·cal·ly adv.
a·stat′i·cism n.


the condition of constant, uninterrupted variability of direction or position. — astatic, adj.
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The proposed automatic control system of the rectifier with a pulse-width-adjustable BC meets the requirements of astaticism. This requirement is achieved by the introduction of an integral part in the VR, as well as the use of adaptive feedback on the circuit suppression factor of the load voltage harmonics.
From the above analysis it can be seen that identification problem of dynamic force is ill-conditioned, whose solution is usually astaticism [35-38].
To ensure a zero steady-state error of the system in this mode, a second order of the system's astaticism is required for the determining influence.