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A red carotenoid pigment, C40H52O4, produced by certain bacteria, fungi, and green algae and found in wild salmon, trout, and some crustaceans. It is used in animal feed to impart color and as an antioxidant.

[From New Latin Astacus, former genus name of Homarus gammarus, the species of lobster from which the pigment was first extracted (from Latin astacus, lobster, from Greek astakos, variant of ostakos; see ost- in Indo-European roots) + xanth(o)- + -in.]
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 14, 2019-: The World Market of Astaxanthin (2019-2025): Increasing Preference for Natural Ingredients in Healthcare Drives Demand
The other one is a carotenoid, which is called astaxanthin. However, lobsters have no capability of producing their own astaxanthin.
Due to the physiological role of carotenoids in the development of aquatic species and the lack of information about their effect on marine ornamental shrimp, the objective of the present study was to determine the effect of the inclusion of astaxanthin and [beta]-carotene on variables of growth, reproduction and pigmentation of the peppermint shrimp L.
A boost for skincare For women faced with various of factors that lead to skin concerns every dayincluding exposure to chemical pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and physical and mechanical damagethey can look into astaxanthin to boost their skincare.
Much of her energy has been entirely used, and so Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid Powder Drink come in to make her recover from fatigue.
One group received AstaMed MYO, a formula that contains AstaReal natural astaxanthin, and an interval exercise training protocol.
Youth Advance, another product in the line delivers antioxidants with a blend of resveratrol, quercetin, astaxanthin, coenzyme Q10, lycopene, lutein, bilberry and ApplePhenon.
A randomized, double-blind crossover study reported in Nutrients found an improvement in the ability to recover from mental fatigue among participants who received the carotenoid astaxanthin plus sesamin, an oxidant-reducing lignan found in sesame seeds.
This partnership will enable NUTRESSENT to focus on new formulations and applications for natural Astaxanthin which would be exclusive property of NUTRESSENT.