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1. Relating to or exhibiting asthenia; weak.
2. Having a slender, lightly muscled physique.
A person having such a physique.
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1. (Pathology) of, relating to, or having asthenia; weak
2. (Psychology) (in constitutional psychology) referring to a physique characterized by long limbs and a small trunk: claimed to be associated with a schizoid personality. See also somatotype
a person having long limbs and a small trunk
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(æsˈθɛn ɪk)

1. of, pertaining to, or characterized by asthenia; weak.
2. pertaining to or having a spare or slender physique with little muscularity; ectomorphic.
[1780–90; < Greek]
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Adj.1.asthenic - lacking strength or vigorasthenic - lacking strength or vigor    
weak - wanting in physical strength; "a weak pillar"
2.asthenic - having a slender physiqueasthenic - having a slender physique    
ectomorphic - having a build with little fat or muscle but with long limbs
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The patients remained asthenic for "1 month with no other symptoms.
The aesthetics of her opulent Boston apartment, certainly of her own design, overwhelmed Coverdale's sensibility, as did her ability to dress an asthenic Priscilla to startling advantage.
His voice was dysphonic (1/3), breathy (1/3), and asthenic (2/3), and videolaryngostroboscopy revealed bilateral multiple vocal fold telangiectasias without visible hemorrhage or polyp (figure 1).
Kira's work included critically acclaimed features such as 'The Asthenic Syndrome', a dark satire of Soviet society revolving around a student with acute melancholia.
The award-winning director and screenwriter, who received a special jury prize at Berlin Film Festival in 1990 for her film "The Asthenic Syndrome", died late on Wednesday in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, where she had lived and worked for many years.
All persons had different physique (asthenic: 1, hypersthenic: 2, and normosthenic: 7) and had no previous experience in dealing with EMG interfaces.
Common side effects include cough, nausea, asthenic conditions, rash, and dyspnea.
However, a change in this pattern is perceived in this part of the world, Gupta RL et al [10] found that young asthenic females in their mid-twenties are commonly suffering from gall stone disease.
Primary spontaneous pneumothorax typically occurs in young, asthenic adults.
[Brief self-evaluation questionnaire for depressive, asthenic and anxious dimensions].
Orthostatic hypotension is observed in tall adolescents with asthenic body type.
On Mental Status Examination, patient was conscious, oriented, asthenic built, cooperative, had a 2 liter bottle of water which was half filled (he reported to have finished about 3 liters before the visit in about 4 to 5 hours), and he was taking regular sips from the bottle after almost every few sentences, reporting inability to stop drinking water even when asked to, complaining of feeling thirsty as he spoke, psychomotor activity and speech was normal, preoccupations with drinking water, he appeared anxious with no perceptual abnormality.