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 (ā-stŏm′ə-təs, ā-stō′mə-) also as·tom·ous (ăs′tə-məs) or a·stom·a·tal (ā-stŏm′ə-təl, ā-stō′mə-)
Having no mouth or oral opening.
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(æˈstɒmətəs; -ˈstəʊ-) ,




1. (Zoology) (of animals) having no mouth
2. (Botany) (of plants) having no stomata
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(eɪˈstɒm ə təs, eɪˈstoʊ mə-)

having no mouth, stoma, or stomata.
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Adj.1.astomatous - having no mouth or mouthlike openingastomatous - having no mouth or mouthlike opening
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
stomatous - having a mouth or mouthlike opening
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lacustris produce astomatous leaves underwater but, if exposed, will initiate leaves with functional stomata (Keeley, unpubl, data).
They are evergreen with astomatous leaves and are the only extant terrestrial species of Tracheophyta lacking stomata.
Although comparatively rare, microstomatous and astomatous fishes have been observed for over a century (Leidy 1875; Dawson & Heal 1976).