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Noun1.astroglia - tissue consisting of large stellate neuroglial cellsastroglia - tissue consisting of large stellate neuroglial cells
glia, neuroglia - sustentacular tissue that surrounds and supports neurons in the central nervous system; glial and neural cells together compose the tissue of the central nervous system
astrocyte - comparatively large neuroglial cell
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Propofol protects rat astroglial cells against tert-butyl hydroperoxide-induced cytotoxicity; the effect on histone and cAMP-response-element-binding protein (CREB) signalling.
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To determine whether immunological demyelination alone induced astrogliosis and activation of macrophage/microglial cells, 10 animals received an injection of GalC antibodies plus serum complement proteins into the dorsal column and were killed 7 days later for immunohistochemical (n = 6) or immunoelectron microscopic (n = 4) analyses of astroglial reactivity.
Morphological study of 5-HT neurons and astroglial cells on brain of adult rats perinatal or chronically exposed to 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid.
Plasma concentrations of the astroglial protein S-100b, a cytosolic calcium-binding protein, have been found to correlate with the extent of tissue damage (infarct volume) and neurologic outcome (6, 7).
NGF content in culture medium of astroglial cells was determined by ELISA using affinity purified anti NGF polyclonal antibody (Yabe and Yamada.
Widespread, variably intense [Beta]III staining was present in the cytoplasm of overt astroglial phenotypes with multipolar fibrillary processes (Figure 2, a through f), in large "ganglioid" astroglial cells with prominent nucleoli and fibrillary cell processes (Figure 2, f), and in small anaplastic cells resembling "primitive" glioblasts (Figure 2, g).
A knockout model was induced to clarify the role of astroglial Cxs in the morphology and function of BBB.
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Omega-3 deficiency has been demonstrated to promote age-induced degradation of glutamatergic transmission and its associated astroglial regulation in the hippocampus [107] by slowing astroglial glutamate transport via a specific signal-like effect [108].
Protective effect of carnosine during nitrosative stress in astroglial cell cultures.
To the extent possible, we calculated risk estimates by histologic subtype: astroglial tumors (ICD-O histology codes 9380-9384, 9400-9421, 9424-9442), primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs; 9362, 9470-9473, 9500), and other CBTs, using all controls as the reference group (WHO 1976).