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as′tro·nav′i·ga′tor n.


(Navigation) another term for celestial navigation
ˌastroˈnaviˌgator n

celes′tial naviga′tion

navigation by means of observations made of the apparent position of heavenly bodies.


a type of navigation involving observations of the apparent positions of heavenly bodies. Also called celestial navigation, celo-navigation. — astronavigator, n.
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Noun1.astronavigation - navigating according to the positions of the starsastronavigation - navigating according to the positions of the stars
navigation, pilotage, piloting - the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place
navigation stellaire
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Dehqan visited China's astronavigation center which ranks third in the world and has sent tens of astronauts to the space by now, and was informed of the activities of its different sections, its latest achievements and the future plans.
Robert Llewellyn plays robot Kryten and Rimmer, the hologram played by Chris Barrie, is back and once again trying to pass his astronavigation exam to become a Space Corps high flyer.
Polysiloxane materials have been extensively applied in astronavigation [1], auto [2], [3], and building fields [4] due to their distinct properties, such as strong hydrophobicity, low temperature flexibility, low surface energy, high dielectric strength, thermal stability [5], [6], and so on.