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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of applied physics that deals with astronomical phenomena.

as′tro·phys′i·cal adj.
as′tro·phys′i·cist (-fĭz′ĭ-sĭst) n.
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Adj.1.astrophysical - of or concerned with astrophysicsastrophysical - of or concerned with astrophysics; "astrophysical sciences"
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Its astrophysical site has been one of the biggest outstanding questions in physics.
com)-- The paper "Gravitational and Kinematic Time Dilation," published in the Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics by Dimiter Bayramov, reconsiders the operation of an atomic clock in Earth's gravitational flow and shows that due to the lower gravitational medium flow density and velocity in Earth orbit, a cesium-133 atomic clock experiences lower gravitational pressure and ticks few nanoseconds faster in Earth orbit compared to the same clock at Earth's surface.
Let us review the experimental data proving the existence of Astrophysical Clock.
Kudos "The January issue of the Astrophysical Journal [contains] photographs obtained by Mr.
The era of neutrino astronomy has begun," Sullivan said as the IceCube Collaboration announced the observation of 28 very high-energy particle events that constitute the first solid evidence for astrophysical neutrinos from cosmic sources.
ISLAMABAD -- Researchers at the Universities of Leeds and Chicago have uncovered an important mechanism behind the generation of astrophysical magnetic fields such as that of the Sun.
This applies to many situations ranging from astrophysical objects that extend over millions of light years to the birth of life on Earth.
In the field of astrophysical plasmas, the MPI for Solar System Research (Katlenburg-Lindau), the MPI for Astrophysics (Garching) and Princeton University's Department for Astrophysical Sciences are also involved.
That contest went to 3-1 favourite Astrophysical Jet, with 7-1 chance Hamish McGonagall fourth, resulting in pounds 336,808 rolling over in the win fund, while there is pounds 805,295 in the bonus pot.
Astrophysical hydrodynamics; an introduction, 2d ed.
ambassador George Bunn and professor of astrophysical sciences Christopher F.