Filled or overrun, as with moving objects or beings; teeming: The playground was aswarm with children.


(postpositive) filled, esp with moving things; swarming: flower beds aswarm with bees.



filled, as by objects, organisms, etc., esp. in motion; teeming: The garden was aswarm with bees.
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That Eunice dispenses her wisdom right before being stung to death by hornets, set aswarm by a large white barn owl that swoops close to the porch and knocks against their nest, helps to drive the point home and lends a spooky surrealism to this novel's otherwise straightforward landscape.
ASWARM of excitable tourists has formed around a super-yacht moored at Puerto Banus; some take pictures, others record YouTube clips and the rest point in disbelief.
By the time the Lab and I started easing toward the ducks, the field was aswarm with mallards.
Her cheeks hung around her lax mouth, white where they were not freckled, and her garden was strewn with objects and aswarm with cats.
Then, a change of firing in his temporal lobes, set off a sweet and very passable rendition of You're My Everything I liked it, Sheila liked it and the old man sung while he put his scant fare on the belt Outside again, the sun was higher than a shopper on sugar and fat, and the lot was aswarm, drivers bearing away their dietary burdens all backdropped beyond the lake by the powerful agnostic structures of Denver optically far away, it seemed, but O, so near
It's well known that Florida's salty waters are aswarm with sharks.
Soon, gathering places frequented by children and adults alike will be aswarm with amateur spoilers as well.
Comfort food is all well and good in a world aswarm with nostalgic baby boomers, but Blair's Restaurant raises the bar with ingredients Mom never had access to, time she could ill afford to spare, and creativity that would have resulted in you being late for your piano lesson.
Today, the coast of California is aswarm with buyers and vintners in search of the fickle fruit of Pinot Noir, the sublime seductress of the wine game.
A visiting reporter, Tim Ryan, wrote: "On a typical sunny, windless summer morning in windward Oahu, before clouds stack up against the Koolaus and humidity increases, Waiahole Valley is aswarm with farmers, rumbling tractors, mothers walking with small children, dogs dozing by the sides of the road, the hum of chain saws, chirps of birds and buzz of bees, and streams dancing over rocks into fields of ginger, ti, bananas, papaya, corn and other crops.
For every Holmes or Cardozo, who at their best wrote a kind of luminous legal poetry, there are a thousand judges who appear to write with their feet, whose main discernible aim seems to be to impress and project a Socratic image rather than to illuminate, who contrive resolutely to grind out long, windy, repetitive opinions aswarm with cliches, platitudes, euphemisms, archaisms, stilted phrases, icy abstractions, ponderous Latinisms, "inside" phrases, florid figures of speech and, worst of all, a pervasive aura of murk.
ASWARM of twenty something glamour pusses squeal with delight as they see the same frock that Kate Hudson wore for a premiere.