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Their faces were asymmetrical, bestial; their bodies were ugly and ape-like.
Near him stood a harmless Mary, middle-aged, fat, squat, asymmetrical, unlovely, a sucking child of two years astride her hip and taking nourishment.
Instead, her eyes were fixed anxiously upon her betrothed, and Martin, following her gaze, saw spread on that worthy's asymmetrical features nothing but black and sullen disapproval.
Huru-Huru asked, as Levy, a fat man with massive asymmetrical features, stepped out upon the beach.
Perhaps there is no hierarchy in the succession of asymmetrical occurrences.
Any revenue loss to the government (assuming arguendo that there is asymmetrical tax accounting treatment between dealers and users which gives rise to a revenue loss) in adopting a "rough-justice" amortization solution would be marginal -- especially in comparison with the taxpayer's cost of compliance and the government's cost of auditing compliance with the proposed regulations.
The asymmetrical (warring) view is found in highly centralized organizations with authoritarian cultures and systems of management.
31 (ANI): America's first daughter, Ivanka Trump donned an asymmetrical plaid dress for President Trump's first State of the Union address.
200kv bil current rating: 600 amps continuous, 940 amp 8 hour overload capabiltiy at 104 degrees f, 3 second 25,000 amp rms asymmetrical, 40,000 amp momentary rms asymmetrical, 15,000 amps rms asymmetrical one-time fault closing duty cycle.
Model 4069 ProfileR heats asymmetrical profiles with six independently controlled zones.
A four-level podium structure, with a sheltered arcade walkway, will connect at eaves height to the existing bank building and then extend along the Zeppelinallee road line with an asymmetrical curved and three pronged footprint.

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