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Biologists trying to explain how left-right asymmetries arise have recently discovered several genes that seem to prefer to act in just one side of a developing embryo (SN: 9/30/95, p.
Furthermore, transformations of the neutrinos from one type into another could create additional asymmetries (SN: 5/18/96, p.
The researchers found characteristic asymmetries in the shape of absorption lines created by silicon, nickel, and iron in the clouds.
Their efforts made it clear that the human form possesses fluctuating asymmetries - slight, random deviations fromtrue bilateral symmetry (SN: 1/21/95, p.
Because detecting asymmetries in the core is a difficult venture, the new results may well encounter some skepticism.
At the moment, we can detect some abnormal asymmetries - something like 70 percent - but not nearly enough to be clinically useful," Astley says.
Many animals, both invertebrates and vertebrates, exhibit this trait, which often reflects asymmetries in the brain.
Most of language functions are under the left brain control in both left- and right-handers and involve structural asymmetries between the two hemispheres.
There are almost no disorders of the human brain that are not linked to brain asymmetries," he says.
Lower extremity (LE) asymmetries and compensation for injury will expose one of the lower limbs to more stress than the other, thereby increasing potential for recurring injuries.
Generally these asymmetries do not cause significant problems to the operation of markets.