at anchor

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مُرسى، رَاسِ
for ankerforankret
viî festar


(ˈӕŋkə) noun
1. something, usually a heavy piece of metal with points which dig into the sea-bed, used to hold a boat in one position.
2. something that holds someone or something steady.
to hold (a boat etc) steady (with an anchor). They have anchored (the boat) near the shore; He used a stone to anchor his papers.
ˈanchorage (-ridʒ) noun
a place which is safe, or used, for anchoring boats. a sheltered anchorage.
at anchor
(of a ship) anchored. The ship lay at anchor in the bay.
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References in classic literature ?
The Eleanor remained some few days at anchor here, and an apparently friendly intercourse was kept up with the inhabitants.
I communicated to his majesty a project I had formed of seizing the enemy's whole fleet; which, as our scouts assured us, lay at anchor in the harbour, ready to sail with the first fair wind.
Immediately afterwards a hundred boats were launched; they were covered with the richest stuffs, and destined for the conveyance of the different members of the French nobility towards the vessels at anchor. But when it was observed that even inside the harbor the boats were tossed to and fro, and that beyond the jetty the waves rose mountains high, dashing upon the shore with a terrible uproar, it will readily be believed that not one of those frail boats would be able with safety to reach a fourth part of the distance between the shore and the vessels at anchor.