at first blush

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As regarded Judge Pyncheon, it seemed probable, at first blush, that the mode of his final departure might give him a larger and longer posthumous vogue than ordinarily attends the memory of a distinguished man.
He said "at first blush" the announcement looks better than he had expected, though he still has questions for management.
This time doesn't appear to be as dire, at least at first blush. A distraught former fling, Addison, had shown up at Andrew's apartment and then disappeared, leaving behind only the record of a brief phone call and a deep scratch on Andrew's neck from when he grabbed her arm in an attempt to keep her from running off into the cold night.
Nothing unusual about that, not at first blush. By the 1950s, American Jewish parents could choose from among any number of summertime options: Massad and Ramah catered to those moms and dads interested in immersing their offspring in a Hebrew-saturated environment, while Boiberik and Kinderland did much the same thing for Yiddish.
At first blush this doesn't bode well for a watchable play even though it isn't the first production to be based on such material I've seen this year.
He said, "At first blush it appeared to be the GDP growth number for the whole year 2017-18, and was certainly impressive.
At first blush, Kennedy seems surprisingly ill-suited to politics, an introvert in an extrovert's profession.
While the evidence seems strong at first blush, it's not certain that this is burn-in.
At first blush, the city of Eugene's decision to launch a self-service bike rental program strikes you as a plan you want to believe in - it's just so Eugene - but might wind up in the seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time category.
At first blush, the topic and length of the book might be off-putting, but teens with the courage to crack the cover will find themselves driven to see Charlie's story through.
The overall sense of the FFJSCR is that there has been real progress since the last quarter of 2015, which is even better news than it might seem at first blush. Try to remember the turmoil and angst that started the year--The mood was decidedly negative, especially at most job shops, and it seemed the United States was heading for another recession in a matter of months.
"Although the elements of the economic realities' test may appear understandable at first blush, a careful reading of the DOL's guidance reveals that there are no bright-line rules upon which to rely.