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Of or relating to a polymer lacking structural regularity.

[a- + Greek taktikos, of order; see tactics.]


1. (Chemistry) chem (of a polymer) having random sequence of the stereochemical arrangement of groups on carbon atoms in the chain; not stereospecific
2. (Pathology) pathol relating to or displaying ataxia
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Adj.1.atactic - lacking motor coordination; marked or caused by ataxia
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00 Mm Thick Atactic Polypropylene Polymer Membrane At Mrpl Plant Premises As Per The Direction Of Eic As Per Tender.
In immiscible blends of isotactic polypropylene and atactic polystyrene (iPP/aPS), the glass transition of aPS was reported to vary with iPP content, due to interface interactions between the two polymers [44, 45].
Classification of volatile products evolved from the temperature-programmed co-pyrolysis of Turkish oil shales with atactic polypropylene (APP).
KGaA has been awarded a patent for an article comprised of at least one substrate and a curable coating agent comprised of 30%-80% weight of an atactic polyalpha-olefin, which contains at least two alkoxysilane groups; 5%-40% weight of a radiation-activatable reaction product of (meth)acrylic acid with alcohols or with NCO-group containing compound; 0.
As an example, a selected amount of isotactic polypropylene is blended with a selected amount of atactic polypropylene to prepare an adhesive composition having one or more performance properties (e.
They cover how developments in polymer technology are driven by the need for sustainability, a medium-voltage switchgear mechanism that is insensitive to its environment, interfacial agents for polymer blends and composites based on chemically modified atactic polypropylenes, an energy efficiency index for plastic processing machines, a comparative analysis of the carbon footprint of wood and plastic-lumber railway sleepers in Brazil and Germany, perfect sorting solutions for packaging recycling, a British household plastic packaging recycling survey, and experience and perspectives in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sustainable development.
Examples included atactic polystyrene and polylactic acid filled with montmorillonite particles.
Investigation of the relationships between the chain organization and rheological properties of atactic poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels.
It is rumoured that coaches are teaching players to use grunting as an integral part of their game, although the worst offenders insist that it is not atactic to gain an advantage, but simply an involuntary release at the moment of exertion.
Also, adding a small amount of low molecular weight, atactic polyethylene wax will usually promote better calender release (ref.