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(ˌætəˈræksɪə) or


(Medicine) calmness or peace of mind; emotional tranquillity
[C17: from Greek: serenity, from ataraktos undisturbed, from a-11 + tarassein to trouble]


(ˌæt əˈræk si ə)

also at′a•rax′y,

a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.
[1595–1605; < Latin < Greek: calmness <a- a-6 + taraktós, v. adj. of tarássein to disturb]
at`a•rac′tic (-tɪk) at`a•rax′ic, adj., n.


a state of tranquility free from anxiety and emotional disturbance. — ataractic, ataraxic, adj.
See also: Happiness
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Noun1.ataraxia - peace of mindataraxia - peace of mind        
serenity, tranquility, placidity, tranquillity, repose, quiet - a disposition free from stress or emotion


, ataraxy
n. ataraxia; impasividad.
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Happiness, and the proper goal of human life, consists in pleasure, by which he meant the tranquillity (ataraxia) of mind and body which arises when our mental and physical wants are satisfied.
In addition, pioneering critics have characterized Machado as involved primarily with Pyrrhonian skepticism, an ancient school of thought that advocates the deliberate suspension of judgment (epoche) as a means of attaining an intellectual tranquility or fulfillment (ataraxia) that "dogmatism"--the attitude of holding opinions and beliefs--cannot provide.
(8) In discussing the varieties of autonomy (e.g., self-control, power in the world, psychological independence, having moral rights, authenticity), Nomy Arpaly thinks that Stoic ataraxia is best understood as a kind of "heroic autonomy," since ideally only the Stoic sage would exhibit the capacity to act such that externals or indifferents (adiaphora) (e.g., wealth, fame, education) exercise no influence, though some indifferents are preferred (e.g., health) while others are not (e.g., poverty); see Nomy Arpaly, Unprincipled Virtue: An Inquiry into Moral Agency (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003), p.
Todos aspiran a constituir un cuerpo particular y colectivo, un amplio cuerpo alimentado por las energias, los flujos y demandas de una historia materializada por los cuatro nonatos que coleccionan estados de conciencia, que archivan el murmullo y el soma de las hablas, que transitan desde lo no verbal, desde la mudez y ataraxia de una lengua que no consigue enunciarse, porque no llega a gesto, habla de un teatro fisico cruel a la manera de Artaud, es decir, instalado en los insterticios y fallas de etapas y transiciones historicas y metahistoricas.
A non-exhaustive smattering of additional possible spokes are crudeness, nostalgia, mercurial nature, callosity, slave to fashion, emotional and social intelligences, forcibility, mansuetude, proneness to alfresco, arrogance, delusional self-concept, jocosity, Type A personality, defense mechanism usage, impostorism, ataraxia, verbosity, venality, cowardice, Machiavellianism, level headedness, daftness, daredeviltry, intemperance, vainglory, psychopathy, depression, narcolepsy, haughtiness, susceptibility to hypnosis, pushiness, boorishness, fretfulness, ad infinitum.
E importante entender que a calma, que tenho atribuido a Caeiro, nao e a ausencia de sentimentos, nao e ataraxia. Boecio, no seu Consolacao da Filosofia, 1,7, ja havia dito que, quando se "estas agitado de temor ou esperanca, e preciso seres calmo".
The Athenian Epicurus' teachings went in another direction: the goal was 'ataraxia,' i.e.
| O2 Apollo / / 0844 477 7677 / Friday, April 13, 7pm / PS35-PS45 Clubbing / Ataraxia presents France-based Moonrise Hill Material - one of the hottest new labels on the planet - is teaming up with Manchester's very own Ataraxia collective for their much-awaited UK debut.
"The White Ship," to Joshi, is also an allegorical retelling of the "folly of abandoning the Epicurean goal of ataraxia, tranquility (interpreted as the absence of pain)" (I Am Providence I.339).
"You can't flip a switch and make it happen overnight, but if this legislation were to pass, all of us would definitely expand," said Ross Morreale, co-founder of Ataraxia, which owns a cultivation facility in southern Illinois and co-owns dispensaries in several neighborhoods.
Se voltarmos para o percurso historico da Filosofia, essa tendencia e antiga: ela remonta a Pitagoras, que requisitava o silencio como condicao facilitadora de ataraxia, isto e, de tranquilidade e repouso da alma.
Hubiera permanecido en el olvido, por ejemplo, su empeno por llevar a cabo una profunda y urgente reforma educativa para lograr el progreso de la sociedad espanola, sumida en la ataraxia desde el ano del desastre, como le reconocio su amigo Azorin.