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 (ä′tə-moi′ə, ăt′ə-)
1. A tree that is a hybrid between the cherimoya and the sweetsop, cultivated for its conical or heart-shaped fruit with edible sweet white flesh.
2. The fruit of this tree.

[Philippine English ates, sweetsop (from Tagalog atis) + (cheri)moya.]


(Plants) a globe-shaped tropical fruit, a hybrid of the cherimoya (Annona cherimola) and the sweetsop (A. squamosa), which has a rough green skin and juicy white flesh. It is also known as the pineapple sweetsop. Also called: pineapple sweetsop
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emarginata) induces dwarfism of the canopy and has a satisfactory tolerance to root rot, good tolerance to stem borer and good compatibility of grafting for atemoya (A.
Topped with fresh atemoya, passion fruit and mango cream, 'Blossoms' is made with matcha sponge cake and green tea mousse.
Columbus and other early voyagers to the Americas filled their travel journals with breathless descriptions of the tropical fruits they'd never seen before: avocados, papayas, pineapples, soursop, guava, pitahaya and atemoya, to name just a few.
When I walked to the edge of the property, I saw that one tree was still standing: the atemoya tree.
(2016), studying atemoya pulp drying kinetics, observed similar behavior to that of the present study, with superior values of [R.sup.2], above 0.9, for the models Page, Midilli and Henderson & Pabis, at temperatures of 60, 70 and 80[degrees]C.
Europs fervidus Blatchley, known from Florida and the Caribbean Islands, is a pollinator of the tropical hybrid fruit atemoya (Annona x atemoya).
anonella, en guanabana, saramuyo y atemoya. La eficiencia del embolsado contra las plagas senaladas fue del 80 a 90 %; las diferencias con los resultados generados en el presente estudio pueden atribuirse a la capacidad de las larvas de T.
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