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Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.

[French athéisme, from athée, atheist, from Greek atheos, godless : a-, without; see a-1 + theos, god; see dhēs- in Indo-European roots.]

a′the·ist n.
a′the·is′tic, a′the·is′ti·cal adj.
a′the·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.atheistical - related to or characterized by or given to atheism; "atheist leanings"
2.atheistical - rejecting any belief in gods
irreligious - hostile or indifferent to religion


[ˌeɪθɪˈɪstɪkl] atheistic [ˌeɪθɪˈɪstɪk] adj (person, philosophy) → ateo/a; (views, principles) → ateistico/a
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That there are options of these kinds between which to choose is never acknowledged, so their relative merits are not considered; and the early Heidegger's own explicit arguments for treating philosophy atheistically are never properly addressed.
It is an atheistically engaged theology: an Extreme Theology.
8220;The zinc used in these two projects is highly sustainable, natural and innovative, and we are proud that our product played a key role in the sustainable and atheistically pleasing design of both of these beautiful buildings.
It provides a moral lesson that the great powers seem not to learn when they allow the impoverishment of societies artistically and atheistically richer than their own, only to be reminded that history will be a great teacher.
In response to claims that some deemed the Origin of Species an atheistic work, Darwin firmly asserts two times, "I had no intention to write atheistically .
My memory of her as a fellow student in the sixth form was of a quiet, demure, highly intelligent and atheistically inclined pupil whose poetic and prose contributions graced the school magazine annually.