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also ath·e·ne·um  (ăth′ə-nē′əm)
1. An institution, such as a literary club or scientific academy, for the promotion of learning.
2. A place, such as a library, where printed materials are available for reading.

[Late Latin Athēnaeum, a Roman school, after Greek Athēnaion, the temple of Athena, from Athēna, Athena.]
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Noun1.atheneum - a literary or scientific association for the promotion of learningatheneum - a literary or scientific association for the promotion of learning
gild, guild, social club, society, club, lodge, order - a formal association of people with similar interests; "he joined a golf club"; "they formed a small lunch society"; "men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"
2.atheneum - a place where reading materials are availableatheneum - a place where reading materials are available
depository library, library - a depository built to contain books and other materials for reading and study
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Contract notice: airport transportation between students and atheneum atheneum shots schilde
Sadly, Leon Leyson passed away the day after the manuscript was received by Atheneum.
Hotels appeal to traveling pooches Luxury hotels such as LondonOs Atheneum and KimptonOs Monaco Hotel cater to people who travel with their dogs, and other hotels offer everything from dog spas to pooch patios.
95); "Masterpieces Of European Painting: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art" (9781594906596, $13.
The couple tied the knot at the Atheneum in Church Alley with men in full Scottish attire for the occasion.
The island of Nantucket will overflow with ballet stars during the Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival.
Canadian literary critic Frye (1912-91) published his volume of four essays in 1957, but this edition draws mainly on paper editions published by Atheneum in 1965 and Princeton University Press in 1971, which incorporate a few corrections.
From Slave to Soldier: Based on a True Civil War Story by Deborah Hopkinson Illustrated by Brian Floca Atheneum Books for Young Readers January 2007 $3.
The sixth volume was completed by Van Belle (Royal Atheneum of Sint-Niklaas) and Strack (Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, The Netherlands).
It could be one worth making though as Atheneum looks in with a decent shout in the Sporting Index Nursery Handicap (3.
Through this Bourdevin lens one best grasps the diverse contents of Museum Highlights, which include writings on other artists (Louise Lawler, Allan McCollum); project statements; performance transcripts; speculative essays on working method; and a letter to a curator about the Wadsworth Atheneum, detailing her approach to research in that museum.
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