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Formation of atheromatous deposits, especially on the innermost layer of arterial walls.

ath′er·o·gen′ic (-jĕn′ĭk) adj.
ath′er·o·gen·i′ci·ty (-jə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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(Pathology) causing atheroma
ˌatheroˈgenesis n
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(ˌæθ ə roʊˈdʒɛn ɪk)

capable of producing atheromatous plaques in arteries.
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The plasma atherogenic index (PAI) emerged as a valuable marker in determining the risk of CV diseases [3].
We need to advise the public to avoid atherogenic diet, set targets for blood pressure and blood glucose.
Newly presented data provide further detail on the trial endpoints, highlighting the changes to LDL-C, atherogenic proteins, and other liver parameters.
M2 PHARMA-May 10, 2018-The Medicines Company Data Show Inclisiran Reduces Subtypes of Atherogenic Lipoproteins
The first method was to calculate the atherogenic index of the plasma (AIP).
With the emergence of the concept of 'atherogenic dyslipidemia' and 'residual risk' non-HDL-c have been proven to perform better in terms of risk prediction for CVD.8,9 Moreover, some evidence is also available where correlation between LDL-c and non-HDL-c was observed to be less in MS.10 Lastly, non-HDL-c, unlike TG and LDL-c, needs prior fasting while non-HDL-c has been recommended in non-fasting status thus implying its possible application more feasible and cost-effective.11
Despite availability of effective glycemic control regimes, diabetes mellitus still remains associated with the risk of developing coronary heart diseases.1-3 Large number of clinical and research evidences indicate that both diabetic mellitus and insulin resistance lead to endothelial dysfunctions which in turn increase the risk of atherogenic function of the vascular endothelium.1
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the beneficial effects of NAC on the lipid profile and atherogenic index in rats with experimentally induced T1DM.
pylori infection, although results of the current study were not to the extent of justifying the atherogenic effects of H.
The atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) is a critical index that can be used as a stand-alone index for cardiac risk estimation [8].
In DT2 patients, the significant positive correlations were found between serum HEX activity and TAG concentration (r = 0.32, p = 0.046 *), concentration of LDL cholesterol (r = 0.37, p = 0.02 *), and values of Castelligro atherogenic index (r = 0.41, p = 0.008 **) (Table 1).