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Noun1.athletic field - a piece of land prepared for playing a gameathletic field - a piece of land prepared for playing a game; "the home crowd cheered when Princeton took the field"
scene of action, arena - a playing field where sports events take place
ball field, baseball field, diamond - the baseball playing field
court - a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played; "players had to reserve a court in advance"
football field, gridiron - the playing field on which football is played
palaestra, palestra - a public place in ancient Greece or Rome devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes
sports stadium, stadium, arena, bowl - a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
bowling green - a field of closely mowed turf for playing bowls
midfield - (sports) the middle part of a playing field (as in football or lacrosse)
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The new community garden and athletic field will help enhance the West End neighborhood and provide area residents with a place to enjoy the outdoors.
Description : This project provides for the phased replacement of the Town s athletic field fencing on a scheduled basis.
The environmental benefit of a synthetic athletic field enhanced by crumb rubber infill is three-fold," said Jeffrey Kendall, CEO of Liberty Tire Recycling, the premier provider of tire recycling services in North America.
An athletic field permit application form can be obtained from the Department of Public Works office, 23 Cudworth Road.
June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Signifying a new era in athletic field research focused on injury prevention, the University of Tennessee and AstroTurf broke ground today on the Center for Safer Athletic Fields.
Tenders are invited for Multi-Purpose Athletic Field Improvements
Arthur "Archie" Henault of Dudley says he was raised on Webster's Eddy Street and remembers when the Memorial Athletic Field was built.
An organic herbicide that is environmentally friendly, fast acting and can be used on all playgrounds and athletic field areas, (Woodbridge Twp has approximately 36 ball fields, 39 playgrounds and 3 soccer and football fields), Weed Pharm(TM) is a MUST for all Municipalities large and small, who care for safety first.
District officials plan a second round of athletic field renovations as part of a master plan, but there is little consideration now while officials focus on renovating Saugus and Canyon high schools and Arroyo Seco Junior High.
LEICESTER - The Leicester High School Athletic Booster Club came up with a surprise for the Leicester School Committee Monday night, one they've been trying to make a reality since 1992: lights for the high school athletic field.
After two blocks, the athletic field will be on the right.
It will allow us to add much-needed lighting and other field improvements to the 7th grade athletic field, which will help us support our growing community," said Dan Larson, president of CFLL-North.