athletic shoe

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athlet′ic shoe′

a shoe for exercise or sport; sneaker.
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While Foot Locker has emerged as one of the leading sneaker and athletic shoe specialists, its affinity for basketball shoes sets it apart, with a special 'House of Hoops' department that takes pride of place in every store.
shoemakers will turn to Vibram and Quabaug for athletic shoe soles, too.
I didn't enter the shoe game to sell anything but the best when it comes to the quality of an athletic shoe and for the past few years I haven't been happy, I refuse to continue any longer.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to provide protection for athletic footwear during wet weather, the Athletic Shoe Skins, has been developed by Donald Todd of Monmouth, New Jersey.
Athletic shoe assortments selected by Finish Line will also be available on macys.
Berkey represented New Balance Athletic Shoe as well as the landlord in the long term retail leasing transaction while Adam Jonas and Neal Ohm of CS Commercial represented Ann Gish, Inc.
The peddling of credit cards to college students and the institutions' signing of exclusive soft drink and athletic shoe contracts--with hefty kickbacks going to the schools signal "a marriage of commercial and educational values, " the authors argue.
The Clean Washington Center is another organization researching athletic shoe recycling.
When the middle of the sole in an athletic shoe collapses, the pressure is transferred from the midfoot area to the heel, which can stretch the Achilles tendon too much," he points out.
Beaverton-based Nike's rise to dominance in the athletic shoe world over the last 20 years is a story proudly known to most Oregonians.
To understand why, let's take a closer look at the basic features of a proper high impact athletic shoe.