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Noun1.athletic sock - a sock worn for athletic eventsathletic sock - a sock worn for athletic events  
sock - hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee
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However, in Yan's work, the stones are not accompanied by industrial steel plates, sand, or glass, but rather by soft fabric: a white athletic sock and a silk handkerchief, each embroidered with the character meaning "longevity," and another sock embroidered with the character for "shame." These objects, draped over or tucked under the stones, together form a kind of portrait of an elegant, discreet gentleman.
Check out an athletic sock brand that will knock your socks off.
Cleveland founded Swiftwick, a fledgling athletic sock company based in Nashville, Tenn., that hopes to emerge into something big, as did Nike.
Athletic sock manufacturers have led the way in improving fit by increasing the needle count of socks, from the standard 108 needle up to 144 needle or 168 needle.
The company said it plans to build two new plants in Honduras to manufacture active wear and athletic socks. The athletic sock market represents a "significant growth opportunity," the company said.
Among the most important attributes of an athletic sock are moisture management, cushioning and dissipation of friction.
At what point do you tell an athletic sock manufacturer that embroidering the head of a Whitetail buck on some models doesn't qualify him to show his entire line of plain socks as well?
The decision to market Rx Comfort Socks came out of the frustration PTFE chairman Robert Gunn had when frying to find an athletic sock to his liking.
She also opted to pair her ( Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost with Nike athletic socks.
To consumers outside the textile industry, Kentwool is best known for its retail arm, Kentwool Performance, which makes Merino wool athletic socks. The company also includes Kentwool Development, a division that owns and operates two historic buildings in downtown Greenville.
[ClickPress, Thu Oct 04 2018] Persistence Market Research (PMR) has published a new report, which is titled, "Global Market Study on Sports and Athletic Socks: Sales through Modern Trade Channel to Generate Significant Revenues between 2017 and 2022." According to the report, the high demand from the sports and healthcare industries is the main reason behind the increased growth of the global sports and athletic socks market.
For footwear, he wore winged shoes with striped athletic socks.