athletic supporter

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athletic supporter

An elastic support for the male genitals, worn especially in athletic or other strenuous activity. Also called jockstrap.



an elasticized belt with a pouch for supporting the genitals, worn as an undergarment by men esp. while participating in athletics.
Also called athletic supporter.
[1895–1900; jock male organ (compare jack in sense “male” and jockey) + strap]
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Noun1.athletic supporter - a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exerciseathletic supporter - a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise
man's clothing - clothing that is designed for men to wear
protective garment - clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
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A: If the Gay Games inspired you to become an athletic supporter in Cleveland (but you'd rather watch contact sports with a beer in hand than from the field of play) the Burning River Roller Girls (BurningRiverRollerGirls.
Glenafton Athletic supporter Nicola Murray spent 16-and-a-half hours travelling from Bogota in Colombia to Rugby Park, Kilmarnock for the final - won by Ayrshire junior rivals Hurlford United.
If you ask any Wigan Athletic supporter if they would swap winning the Cup at Wembley last May for anything, they will give you the same answer.
The transition from being an athletic supporter to an athlete is a different ball game altogether.
Hundreds of fans pressed in to the table--not a queue in sight--waiting to buy the book or offering him an array of items to sign: Campbell's soup cans, reproductions of his more famous paintings, even an athletic supporter.
Wilkoff's recent column informative, but I'm troubled by his oversimplified approach to assessing the injured athlete and return-to-play guidelines ("Being an Athletic Supporter," Letters From Maine, December 2006, p.
An athletic supporter is generally worn by men when playing certain full-contact sports or high-impact athletic activities.
You probably can go home after applying ice to the scrotum for a few hours after the operation, and you'll need to wear an athletic supporter for a few days.
I don't know what I would be, but I know what I wouldn't be: athletic supporter
Mueller is going big time in the athletic supporter line with a new black jock supporter, briefs, and banana cups.
In fact, even Hitler proved an impressive athletic supporter, if you catch my drift.