athletic training

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Noun1.athletic training - the course of practice and exercise and diet undertaken by an athleteathletic training - the course of practice and exercise and diet undertaken by an athlete
fartlek - a method of athletic training (especially for runners) in which strenuous effort and normal effort alternate in a continuous exercise
grooming, training, preparation - activity leading to skilled behavior
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Combining theoretical and practical information, the text is suitable as a textbook for athletic training students, and as a reference for practicing certified athletic trainers and other allied health care professionals.
She enjoys reading in her spare time and will attend UMass-Amherst next fall to pursue a degree in nursing or athletic training.
This individual often has an educational background and certifications in both strength / conditioning and athletic training (ATC).
Most of my classes are easy, like track and weight lifting, but I'm also taking a class called athletic training, and that wasn't such a good idea because I'm taking tests like crazy,'' she said.
ProPT provides physical therapy and athletic training services at facilities located throughout the New York City metropolitan area.
Through the partnership, OhioHealth will provide athletic training services to improve the safety and performance of Ashland student athletes.
They cover basic searching skills, evaluating and applying research, and general research methods in athletic training.
Subjects: Athletic Training, Dictionary of Terms, Clinical Practice.
and Brumels (kinesiology, Hope College) present a modular approach consisting of three levels and 147 modules that guide students in an athletic training program through educational competencies.
PLANS: Study athletic training or physical education.
This is because the D-Cleater offers game-like resistance, year-round use, team and individual athletic training, durable engineering design and unlike the competition, the D-Cleater cannot be cheated
SAN DIEGO -- The California Athletic Trainers' Association (CATA) and Assemblymember Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, want California to do what 47 other states already do - regulate the athletic training profession.