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Noun1.athletic type - muscular and big-bonedathletic type - muscular and big-boned    
body type, somatotype - a category of physique
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"He has great speed and he is a very athletic type. Boli uses his speed in a good way and that is vitally important.
For the athletic type, the hotel has a fully-equipped fitness center that comes with saunas and steam rooms within the shower areas.
The Scarlets' Blade Thomson is a more athletic type, a breakaway who can play lock, rather than the other way round.
When we meet him, in 2004, he's in basic training in the United States Army Reserve, but he's not really the athletic type, and when he leaps off a bunk and breaks his leg, his career as a combat warrior is over before it begins.
He might not be the most athletic type of guy, but he's extremely talented and has a strong arm.
The night had kicked off with two local trained winners Musabah Al Muhairi taking the Kahayla Classic in a surprise result with AF Mathmoon, an athletic type of Arab who was not troubled at all by the hot favourite Handassa who ran with uncustomary reluctance after being squeezed up near the start and his team were left regretting leaving off his normal equipment of blinkers.
He is an athletic type who should be able to win a race or two at some level and may be seen again this back-end although I reckon he'll be a better horse next year.
"She's a lovely, athletic type of filly and there has been good trade for fillies this week, which has been great to see.
I used to do martial arts, and I like to swim, but I'm not the "athletic type." I'm not the teacher's pet; I'm not the naughty kid.
Price said: "I've recently started taking an interest in rugby league because I've watched a couple of games and I thought what a great, tough, athletic type of sport this is.
"He's a strong, athletic type who does everything so naturally.
If you are a domestic sort of girl, picture to yourself the little house that you and your future husband are going to live in and decide on the colour schemes for the various rooms--or, if you are an athletic type of girl, pretend to yourself that an uncle has given you money to buy a car with.