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adv. & adj.
1. In a tilted position; inclined upward.
2. Tilting or as if tilting with a lance.
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adv, adj (postpositive)
1. in a tilted or inclined position
2. archaic in or as if in a joust
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adj., adv.
1. with a tilt or inclination; tilted.
2. with the lance in hand in tilting.
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Adj.1.atilt - departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontalatilt - departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal; "the leaning tower of Pisa"; "the headstones were tilted"
inclined - at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position; "an inclined plane"
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(46) One sees the picture as if looking from behind and over the camera, at what appears at its very center, standing atilt in a rut: a bicycle, so tiny it looks like a toy.
Some parts of the city were severely damaged, with houses atilt and roads crumbled or sunken.
The city centre has aTilt cafe at city arcade- where people can drink beer and coffees while playing retro arcade games but Lane7 will be the first late night entertainment of its kind in the city.
Decades later, Hollywood will capture the terror of the stranger in a trench coat, his starched shirt, his brimmed hat atilt on his head.
(i) aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free: this game is based on three-dimensional mazes.
Plain, hopping, atilt. I wouldn't be the bird a bit smaller than the rest.
SATURDAY'S SOLUTION: anti; atilt; instal; instant; INSTANTLY; ital; laity; last; lint; linty; list; litany; litas; nastily; nasty; nattily; natty; nitty; nystatin; saint; saintly; salt; salty; sanity; sati; satin; satiny; silt; silty; slant; slat; slaty; slit; snit; stain; stat; statin; stay; stilt; stint; tail; taint; tansy; tastily; tasty; tian; tilt; tinny; tint; tiny; titan.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: ante; anti; atilt; eaten; elate; elite; entail; entitle; event; inlet; ital; late; lateen; latent; latte; latten; leant; leat; leet; lent; levant; levitate; lint; lite; native; neat; nett; nettle; tael; tail; taint; tale; talent; teal; teat; teen; tein; telnet; tenet; tent; tian; tile; tilt; tine; tinea; tint; titan; title; valet; veinlet; veleta; vent; ventil; VENTILATE; vital; vitta; vittle.
(39.) Al-Biqra Masrd al-tasawwuf wa-huwa kitethem: Tanbih al-ghabi ilii takfir Ihn 'Arabi wa-tahdhir min atilt l-(int7d bi-bid'ati I-110dd, ed.
The Renoir is atilt! He reaches up and puts it straight.
The position of any reflecting object is described as a planar surface tilted relative to the local level with atilt angle [gamma] at a distance h from the antenna centre as illustrated in Figure 1.
"I don't consider that a substantial investment, especially not with the return in atilt tide and the return in health."